Why Choose NextGen CFO

Our experience has shown that most Owners and CEOs of small and medium-sized businesses face a common set of challenges:

1. Lack of access to top-level financial management: Small and medium-sized businesses have the ability to grow, increase in value and move ahead of their competition through superior financial management. NextGen CFO provides Owners access to this level of financial management.

2. Limited access to capital: Small business owners often don't know how much capital they currently have, how much capital they need to meet their objectives and how to fill the gap. NextGen CFO professionals answer these questions.

3. Underperforming in-house financial staff: Though typically adept at processing current business transactions, the in-house financial staff may not be trained in financial analysis, in business planning and in managing company capital. With coaching and direction from a NextGen CFO professional, the in-house staff can grow professionally and perform at a higher level.

4. Lack of a plan for the creation of value: Most Owners never develop plans for increasing the values of their businesses. NextGen CFO professionals analyze businesses and identify opportunities for the creation of value. Our professionals also identify the steps required to take advantage of those opportunities, and lay them out in the form of a business plan.

5. Feeling distracted from critical revenue-generating activities: NextGen CFO professionals handle the financial management function, allowing Owners to focus on growing sales and developing long-term strategies.

6. Inexperience in working with investors: NextGen CFO will assist the business when deciding to bring on investment capital, and can then help keep the investors informed and updated on how the Company is performing.

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