Benefits of a Fractional CFO

Fractional CFOs: The Expertise You Need without the Full-Time Cost

A fractional CFO provides expertise in all CFO services, duties, and activities at a cost much less than a full-time CFO. In companies without a CFO, these things are either not being done, or they are being done on a lower performance level than an experienced CFO.

Benefits of a CFO
NextGen CFO Core Values

Benefits include:

  • A company has more credibility with bank and investors if there is a CFO on the team
  • The owner/CEO has their time freed up to spend on growing the business
  • Cash flow becomes more predictable and manageable
  • Expertise for areas like acquisitions or developing an exit strategy for the owner

An overriding benefit fractional CFOs bring is their ability to become a trusted advisor to the owner and a financial consultant to senior leadership. This helps raise the performance level of the entire organization.