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Our Process for Getting Started

Working with NextGen CFO starts with a simple, 5-step process to help us make sure that we know how to best help you. Our process usually starts with:

1) An Introduction from one of our many valued relationships in the "Trusted Advisor" world… a mutual contact who might be a banker, insurance broker, CPA, another client, a neighbor, or friend.

2) An initial no-cost meeting is scheduled, which could be over a cup of coffee or lunch, where we listen to the issues and concerns you are having and share with you information on who we are, what we do, and how we work.

3) We then schedule a half day or full day Assessment session at your location where we:

  • ask you a series of questions to learn key details about your Company and your situation.
  • meet your team (and family members as appropriate) and get their perspective on the challenges that they and the company face.
  •  take a deeper dive into reviewing some of your current financial and tax reports, debt agreements, contracts, leases, or other important documentation.

4) Based on this Assessment and review, we sit down with you and agree on the list of key priorities/projects on which you would like for us to initially focus.

5) This then becomes the basis of a Services Agreement that we will both execute which outlines the business terms of our arrangement—our confidentiality and non-disclosure standards, the frequency of our time on site, the actual scheduled days, our fees, and other key terms. This agreement can then be updated and reprioritized periodically as needed. Our objective is to build and develop long-term relationships, but note that there are no short or long-term contractual commitments ever required to work with a NextGen CFO professional.

Getting Started with NextGen CFO
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