Our Process for Getting Started

Getting Started with NextGen CFO

NextGen uses a simple, 4-step process to ensure we can provide value to you and your company.

1. An initial no-cost meeting is scheduled, often over a cup of coffee or lunch. You tell us about your business and the issues and concerns you’re facing. You also get a chance to learn more about NextGen, who we are, and how we work.

2. A NextGen strategic business advisor schedules a half-day or full-day assessment at your site. During that assessment, we typically:

  • Collect more detailed information about your company and your situation.
  • Meet your team (and family members, if appropriate) to get their perspective on the situation.
  • Take a deeper dive into your current financial reports, tax documents, debt agreements, contracts, leases and other important documents.


3. Based on the assessment and review, we discuss priorities and agree on a list of key projects and issues to focus on initially.

4. We finalize a services agreement that outlines key terms — confidentiality and nondisclosure standards, time on site, scheduled days, fees and other details. This agreement can be updated as your business needs change. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with all our clients, but there is no contractual commitment required to work with a NextGen strategic business advisor.

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Getting Started with NextGen CFO
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