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Growth & Planning

Growth and Planning go hand in hand and are essential attributes of financially healthy companies, both large and small. With the experience of working with hundreds of companies, NextGen CFO can help you develop and/or improve your planning and budgeting process. Key components of an effective planning process include the appropriate level of owner involvement, detailed support, realism, functional area buy-in, and accountability. A good Plan should be timed by month, include a cash flow statement, and a set of annual projections for a three to five year time period.

This Financial Plan (or key parts of it) should be something you can share with your senior management team, your bank, investors, key trade creditors, or a valuation firm. But more importantly, it should serve as a road map to assist you in making good decisions for your business and knowing when it is time to make necessary course corrections to address those parts of your business which are not meeting expectations.

The Plan is also critical in knowing if you have the right amount and type of capital to achieve your financial and business objectives. NextGen can help you determine if your current capital structure is adequate to support your growth plans. If it is not, we have significant experience and many relationships with banks, other lenders, and other forms of capital to help put in place the right capital structure to take you to the next level.

We are big believers in practical, effective financial planning and know from experience that if done right, this can make a real difference for your Company, and help you achieve a greater level of financial performance and health for your Company.

Growth & Planning
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