Standards of Work and Core Values

We will exhibit the utmost integrity in all of our dealings. This means that we will always be honest and have the strongest of moral principles. We will in no way mislead our clients, vendors, other service providers, investors, or regulatory bodies. We expect the same level of integrity from our clients and associates.

Trusted business advisor
We will strive to become a long-term trusted business advisor to our clients. We will learn our clients’ businesses and their markets in order to better serve them. We will work for our client in all situations and not for any other referring trusted advisor. 

Value creator
We will at all times advise with a primary goal of creating enterprise value. By creating value, the business owner can access more long-term business opportunities to meet long-term goals.

Think like an owner
We will work for the business owners and constantly strive to provide advice in line with their best business and personal interests. Our work and recommendations will always be framed by our awareness that we are working for the betterment of the business owner. We will be available to coach client personnel with the goal being to maximize the performance and value of all client staff members.

We will be always be aware that we are regularly exposed to highly sensitive and confidential information as part of our work with our clients. All of that information must be held confidential within the marketplace and among the NextGen CFO professionals. No confidential client information will be shared for any reason without the express consent of the client.

Forward thinking
We will at all times be forward thinking and coach our clients to be the same. We value planning for the business enterprise and realize its importance in creating value.

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