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Think Like an Owner - A NGCFO Core Value


When we created the NextGen CFO website, we chose to not only address what we do, but also how we do it. While there is no secret to our sauce, there are a few common values that we feel set NextGen CFO apart from a full-time financial employee or staffing agency. One of these is our ability to “Think Like an Owner.”

You will notice that it’s not our goal to think for the owner.Most owners are very capable of thinking for themselves. At NextGen CFO, we are all business owners ourselves. More importantly, we work closely with a diverse group of owners every week. This serves to protect us from the common trap of “group think” that can often stymie innovation and growth in a business.

Visit our website to learn more About Us and our other Core Values. Better still, let’s get together for a free, personal, confidential discussion of how NextGen CFO can add value to your organization.


NextGen CFO bridges the gap between the Owner/CEO and accounting staff by performing functions that create value.

Think Like an Owner - A NGCFO Core Value

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