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Maximize the Value of Your Accounting Team


It is often said that the business owner and his/her accounting staff speak different languages. We see this all the time. The time-strapped owner has a financial question or reporting need and makes a hurried (and sometimes vague) request to his lead financial person. The finance staffer is anxious to deliver a completed product to meet his boss’ expectations, but is not quite clear on what was asked. The deliverable often falls short or is not what the business owner was seeking. The owner and staffer both come away frustrated.


Enter a NextGen CFO to bridge the gap. We understand the perspective (and language) of both parties. We think like an owner, thus know what financial information helps them better run their business. We also understand the employee side and what is possible given the reporting systems, accounting regulations, required timeframe, etc. We are able to clearly interpret and “translate” the business owner’s need to the person or team that must produce the work. We offer advice, give direction, and review the work of the staff as needed. The final product is on target, and all parties come away satisfied.


NextGen CFObridges the gap between the Owner/CEO and accounting staff by performing financial functions that create value.

Maximize the Value of Your Accounting Team

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