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NextGen CFO Services

NextGen CFO bridges the gap between the business Owner and the finance and accounting staff by providing guidance and performing functions that create value.

Business Plan
NextGen CFO professionals lead  the process of developing a comprehensive business plan. The plan includes strategic analysis, financial projections and analysis, and a strategy for growth and/or exit, depending on the goals of the Owner.

We facilitate the development of a detailed budget (by month), which serves as a valuable management tool. Each month, we analyze variances of actual operating results from the budget and update projections for the remaining months of the year. We help Owners determine when corrective action is required and what corrective actions to take.

Timely and Accurate Reporting
We work with and coach the accounting staff to develop processes and procedures to achieve timely, reliable, and accurate reporting.

Performance Metrics
We assist in determining metrics to measure short-term and long-term performance.

Transaction Support
We provide experienced transaction leadership and support  for nonrecurring business opportunities. This may include due diligence procedures in relation to acquisitions, the review or negotiation of business terms contained in pending contracts, real estate sales or leases, or analysis of capital projects (including cost/benefit analysis).

We assist in all phases of obtaining financing, including identifying sources, preparing projections, and attending meetings.

“Sounding Board” for Owner
We serve as a sounding board, providing feedback from the perspective of a seasoned CFO.

Exit Strategy
We work with the Owner to evaluate exit-strategy options. We help prepare companies to be sold, if that is the exit strategy elected. We help the Owner determine what steps to take to create the most value leading up to the sale.

What do CFO business partners do that accountants don’t? Our approach to investment proposals and other project-based decisions is constructive skepticism rather than outright cynicism… We are generally seen as independent members of the team with no vested interests in business outcomes. Whereas marketing people are focused on market share and production people on volume and quality output, NextGen CFOs are simply interested in helping you make better decisions. And if the risks are too great for the potential returns, we will say so.

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