Why We're Different

More than CFOs

NextGen provides clients with high-impact fractional CFO services — and more. NextGen’s approach and value proposition are different from other consultants, accountants and advisors.

NextGen approach

NextGen partners focus on developing long-term, one-on-one relationships with business owners and chief executives. We know the best day-to-day decisions are made when business owners keep their long-term goals front and center.

Typically, a NextGen CFO will start working with a client company to resolve one or more specific problems with financial systems, reporting, accounting and finance staffing, access to capital and transactions.

While working through those challenges, we’re also keeping an eye on the bigger picture and the owner’s long-term goals. Sometimes that means acting as a sounding board for new ideas, sometimes that means leading negotiations or hiring new staff. Everything we do is provided through the lens of our values.

But no matter what the work involves, we approach the business like an owner. NextGen CFOs are more effective advocates and advisors for you because we understand the owner’s perspective.

The NextGen Network

In addition to direct services and advice, NextGen clients also gain access to the NextGen Network. The Network includes all of the NextGen partners, plus dozens of lawyers, consultants and service providers in diverse fields:

  • Information technology
  • Law firms and legal service
  • Human Resources
  • Accounting and finance
  • Banking and investing
  • Insurance
  • M&A Specialists
  • And more

Having access to trusted, proven network of sophisticated professionals allows your business to move faster when challenges arise, a problem must to be solved or a new need arises.

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