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Twelve Signs it's Time to Contact Us

1: You don’t have access to timely financial results – it takes too long to close the books.

2: Your results vary greatly month to month and you don’t know why.

3: Year-end compilation/review/audit and tax return process is cumbersome and costly.

4: You can’t get the type and level of bank financing needed to grow your business.

5: You are considering selling all or parts of your business in the next two to three years.

6: You don’t have an effective planning and budgeting process.

7: You don’t have the time or patience to dedicate to your financial staff and functions.

8: You’re not sure you are getting the level of service and support you need from your accounting firm, your bank, your insurance provider, or another key partner to the business.

9: The business is not performing at the levels of your peer group companies or your own expectations.

10: You are considering buying a business, part of a business, or making a significant investment in real estate or equipment.

11. You are considering a new accounting system.

12. Your business is experiencing high turnover within the Finance/Accounting team.

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